Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Material Thickness: 16 Gauge
Installation Type: Pipe attached to linear drain
connects directly into waste
pipe from ground via rubber coupling
Preferred Waterproofing: Membrane or Liquid Waterproofing
Lower Tray: Pre-sloped Towards Outlet
Height: Adjustable
Length: Standard or Custom
Outlet Centered: Yes
Outlet Offset: Available
ADA Compliant: Yes

Material 304 Stainless Steel
MaterialThickness 18 Gauge
Installation Type Over top of existing standard shower drain
Preferred Waterproofing Liner Waterproofing
Lower Tray Sloped towards outlet via break-liners
Height Adjustable
Size Standard and Custom
Outlet Location Standard and  Custom
ADA Compliant Yes


Tile-insert Square Drain

Tile Insert Square drain is the most versatile drainage solution, designed for tile in applications. Install in a new bathroom for a modern look or for a quick bathroom update. The Tile-Inset square drain comes conveniently in a kit containing all you need for install. The Tile Insert square drain is 5" wide, made of stainless steel.

Geotop Square Drain

Descriptionof Geotop square drain

Wedge Wire Square Drain

Architectural  Grates are perfectly flat with a satin smooth surface. Stainless steel screens are made from V shaped profile wire which is spirally wound
around a cage of longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded, with a unique welding process.
The width of the grate is 5"inches and 1"inch deep above ground


GARDA fleece waterproofing membrane is to be applied for tiled showers and baths providing a vapor tight barrier ensuring superior moisure management

Eliminates risk of leaks and mold growth from penetrating the base or the solid backing on walls

Fabricated from Polyethelene membrane with a polypropylene fleece

GARDA Strips

Strips to be used with GARDA Waterproofing to seal off seams for a complete waterproof bath or shower system




GARDA corner unit to be used in conjunction with GARDA Waterproofing and GARDA Seams to seal corners

Outside and inside corner units are available

Garda Fleece Membrane Waterproofing

GARDA Waterproofing is fabricated from Polyethelene membrane and covered  with a polypropylene fleece which anchors the membrane to the thin set mortar. The bonded waterproofing membrane is sheet applied and has pliable tendencies therefore reducing crack bridging tendencies. The GARDA Waterproofing membrane was developed to be used in conjuction with ceramic, and stone tile and works perfectly with the GARDA Linear Drain Line or SGSCO Square Tile Drain system.

GARDA Waterproofing membrane is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs: 47 1/4"  inches wide by 16' feet, 47 1/4" inches wide by 28 feet, 47 1/4 inches wide by 56' feet, and 47 1/4 inches wide by 80' feet.

GARDA Waterproofing is offered in rolls of 63 sqf, 100 sqf, 220 sqf, 315 sqf

 Use the GARDA STRIPS and GARDA ROZEK  in conjunction with the GARDA waterproofing to ensure a lifelong leak proof space.